Thursday, August 25, 2005


I don't believe that if a son lives with his parents, there'll be any major problems. Preferably it is good for the son.
Firstly, the son gets the opportunity to properly grow up. He can know how to live with responsibility, he can even discuss his career with them .
Secondly, if he stays with his parents they'll give him economical shelter. So he doesn't have to be worried about his fee for his study. If he wants he'll do a part time job. For that there isn't a lot of pressure on him and he could make himself confident enough to live independently in future.

Finally for a long time parents can take care of him if he lives at home. So he doesn't get the chance to go in the wrong way like drug addicts. Sometimes we can see many adults or teenagers do many crimes. If we look at their background, we can see, they have left their home very early. So their lifes are covered by darkness.

For all of this reasons, I support staying at home untill he gets married.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Mystery Parson

1. Why is he famous?
2. how old is he?
3. what is the date of birth?
4. what is his nationaliti?

Mel Gibson

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"...the only way to maintain a moderate sum of happiness in this life, is not to worry about the future or regert the past too much."

Mel Gibson

Actor, director and prouducer Mel gibson (Mel columcille Gibson) who has earned the statue of superstar was born in Peekskill, New York on January 3, 1956. He is the sixth of eleven children. For protecting their boys from being drafted to serve in vietnam his family moved to Sydney.

In 1977 he got his first film role when he was twenty-one. he then had great success in Australia with mad max in 1979 though initially he was so nurvous in his first play when he attended the National Institutes of Dramatic Art in Sydney to study drama. Gibson had originally wanted to become a journalist.

In 1981 ha starred in Peter Weir's wer drama, Gallipolin and the Road Warrior.This films established Mel as a star. After that he played many role in the films. The famous roles that he played are Martin Riggs, John Mc clane, William Wallace etc.

His first film as director was the man without a face in 1993 and there were two other famous films: Braveheart and The Passion of the Christ . He stared, produced and directed the epic "Braveheart",in which he won the Oscar for best director and best actor.but this film own five Oscars.Mel has also won several Australian acting awards. His Production company, Icon Productions, has made eleven films and has three more which will come out in the next two years.

Mel met and married his wife robyn in i980 on June 7th. they have seven children, one doughter and six sons.Near future the celebration will be the weddiny of their doughter Hannah, who has recently got engaged.

Sunday, May 22, 2005


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She is my little sister, only 2 years old.


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Every rainy season in Bangladesh we experience the flood. Almost every year flood visits my country.Sometime it makes a dangerous figer but not all time.
Bangladesh is a low land. It has many rivers.She is also in the monsoon area.The main reason of flood is heavy rains. It rains heavyly during in monsoon period and rivers can't hold more waters. As a result they overflow their banks and cause flood. Sometime there is heavy rush of water from Himaloya through the rivers. (Bangladesh is in south of Asia) Sudden melting of snow or tidal boren cause of flood.
It causes a heavy damage of life and properties. Houses are destroyed, cattle are washed away, crops are greatly damaged and trees are uprooted. Some people meet watery grave. Some clime up the houses tops and save themselves. Thousandes of people become homeless. They remain without food for many days. All communication are stopped. People move by boats.
The after effect of floods are more serious. Famine breaks out in the flood areas and many people die for want of food and pure water. People suffer for many diseases. The price of everithing is increased.The economy of the country has suffered.
But flood do a little good to man. Waters carry silt that makes the land fertile. Then crops
grow very well.
In 1988 when I was a little, only 4 years old I saw a big flood with storm. that time I didn't understand what it is. Sometime I played in water of flood in front of my house. But once at night I was frightened to see the storm. This flood is the biggest flood in the history of Bangladesh.

About the Great Wall of Chaina

This text is a information report. It has a discription about the Great Wall of China.It' s not discribed any parsonal openion. The author wants to touch of general people and talks what it is and where.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


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Sunday, May 08, 2005


Wombats are part of the mar supial family. They live in Australia.
There are the fairly large, solidly built animal with a squat, round, bearlike body. they have small ears, eyes and hairy noses. Their thicks, coarse furs are varies in colour fromsandy brown to grey and black and are sometimes ftecked with fawn. They have short powerful legsand strong claws that are used for digging the burrow where they wombats are 33cms tall and almost 1 meter long. They weight around 35kgs.
Wombat's babies are very tiny when they are born.They climb into mum's pouches and they live there until they are old enough to leave the pouches for a short time. every day they go out into the world and then come back into the pouches to drink and sleep.
On the day mainly they sleep in the burrows and at night look for food.they are vegetarian.
Thy are of Australia's most endangered marsupials.

The differents between two photo:

1. Shaeida wears orange jeans, but on the other picture she wears blue jeans.
2. Saeideh's eyes colours are differents.
3. There is a different between the two photo on Saeideh's scarf.
4. Beside Saeideh, her has a bag. Its colour is different.
5. There is ablack bag beside Nentis, on the other photo there is no bag.
6. On the bottom of the Nentis skirt, on one photo it has a strip, on the other one there are two strips.
7. This different has been found in jain's jumper. One picture there is an extra stripe.
8. There are two watches in jain's hand, on the other photo she has only one watch.
9. Kangaroo has two ears but onthe other photo there is an ear.
10. Kangaroo has three legs but on thr other one there are two legs.
11. On the background 'Australia' is written but on the other photo has 'Wildlife'.
12. Sherry has two ring. On the other photo she has one ring.
13. There is apen in Sherry's hand but one the other one there is n't a pen in her hand.
14. Sherry is carrying a packsack on her back, on the other picture there isn't packsack.

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Too and very

We usually use "too" when something is not good. Sometime it means negative.
For example:
1. The movie was too long.
2. It is too hard to understand for me.

We use 'very' when something is positive.
For example:
1. He is a very famous pop star.
2. Today the weather is very good for picnic.

The Excursion

1. In the Blue Mountains gum trees ooze eucalyptus oil into the air creating a blue haze across the mountain. As the mountains look blue, they are called 'Blue Mountain'.
2. Opera House and the Sydney Harbour bridge are two tourist attractions of sydney.
3. Sydney Harbour flows over 20 km inland.
4. People are mad about sports.

Guy Sebastian

Have you known the guy who was the winner of the very popular Australian Idol show last year? Yes Guy Sabestian was that guy and for that he is very famous. But before he was famous pop star too in Australia.
Born he in Malaysia on October 31st , 1981. When he was 6 years old in 1987 , he came to Australia first with his family.
He has had three single and his new single "ho ho". The type of rhythms in it is mish mash of funk, disco, R&B and pop. As a kid he played the violin and only learned one song. He sang it at every family party for about three years.what a interesting thing is !
It's a kind information for his votary that he is coming to Sydney from Adelaide ,which is where he now lives. Wellcome to enjoy his concert.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Sweet creek Cottage is situated in Palm Cove, far North Queensland and is only a short drive north of the city of Cairns. It is located in the beachside village.
It is a full self - contained cottage. It has two luxury bedroom,a library, lounge with dining area, kitchen, laundry,pool, outdoor entertainment area and carpot. There are TV set, DVD player with selection of DVDs and CDs, refridgerator,gas BBQ, telephon etc. This cottage is fully air-conditioned. There are one king size bed in each bed room with its own ensuite bathroom, the rainforest and the reef room include towels, linen, televitions, clock radios and hair dryers. In the library there are many books self stocked, arm chair and desk.
It is only a 3 minute walk to the beachfront. If you come here, you can enjoy many tourist places. You can visit Cairns tropical Zoo, Skyrail, Tjapukai etc. shopping centers are quiet near from the cottage. so it is convenient.
Book the entire cottage at the rate of $ 220 per night or $ 1400 for 7 days.
If you want to know the ditals, please cheek this address on Internat:

How get to the Sweet Creek Cottage

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